5 golden tips to find the wedding gown of your dream

  • Start Early: The search for the dream wedding dress should start about 10 - 12 months prior to your wedding day, especially if you wish to plan your wedding on a small budget. Designer gowns typically take about six to nine months for craftsmanship, delivery and further alterations if you wish to customize to size. Customization to design by adding embellishments or change of style may take longer depending on each store, and some don't accept express orders, so plan accordingly. However, at Peony House express order for at least 2 months prior to the wedding date is available!

  • Estimate a clear budget: Brides are often frustrated when they find their dream wedding gown but don’t have sufficient funds for it. It’s best to browse for the average price and prepare monetarily ahead of time so you’ll be ready to say yes to the dream dress the day you found it. When you talk to the consultants at Peony House, they could work out a customized budget plan for your wedding gown and choose alternative options so you can purchase your dream dress!

  • Narrow down your styles using a private Pinterest mood board. By identifying the style of your wedding day, you could then proceed on browsing different styles of wedding dresses (and even decoration styles). By doing this, you’ll get yourself familiarised with common wedding dress silhouettes such as ball-gown, empire, A-line, sheath, mermaid and goldfish. A quick guide in choosing wedding dress silhouettes suitable for your body shape is demonstrated in the table below.

  • Limit your dress shopping advisor and schedule your appointment on weekdays. Usually bridal stores would be packed with appointments during weekends, so it might be a better idea to book for an off-peak time during weekdays to get the best service from the staff. Bringing a maximum of 5 people to your appointments will decrease the chance of you being confused by too many different opinions.

  • Keep an open mind and choose the dress that feels right for you. Some dresses may look average on the rack and mannequins but it will become absolutely gorgeous on the right body shape. Here at Peony House, our consultants are experts in guiding you to narrow down and find the perfect dress for your body shape

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