Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

  • What you like is the most important of all

Despite different wedding trends and opinions from friends and family, your style and preferences is what matters most. In the end, it is your special day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Imagine the dress you’d like and talk to your consultants, show them photos, mood boards or even drawings. At Peony House, all dresses can be customized and our friendly consultant can guide you to designing the dress of your dream!

  • Fabric Materials

Some brides-to-be may overlook this factor being influenced by the glamorous appearance of the gowns they have tried on. However, you must keep in mind that you will have a good chance of wearing the dress for 10 hours straight and possibly be passing this dress to your daughter. Therefore, the material of the dress should be high-quality, long lasting and comfortable enough for you to wear for the whole ceremony. All of the dresses displayed in Peony House have materials originating from France, Italy and Korea. Ones with larger size are incorporated with multiple layers to maintain volume and comfort for the brides. Materials, if properly chosen and designed like those in Peony House, can maintain the upper dress shape and compliment your body type as well.

  • Crystal Quality

Unless you are going for a simple and vintage style, most wedding dresses are embellished with hundreds of crystals, pearls and glitters. It’s crucial to check for the quality of the crystals and embellishment techniques as the last thing you want is having all of them fall out right on your wedding day. Possessing the most experienced craftsmen with steadiest techniques, along with rigorous selection of quality crystals from Dubai, it is most certain that the quality of Peony House’s dress is incompatible.

  • Silhouettes

The ideal bridal dress’ shape is critical based on the mood of the wedding, the decoration ideas, the venue arrangements, wedding timeline and your body shape. If you have a pear-shaped body type, a voluminous ball gown would flatter your body most and will shine best in a spacious venue. However, it won’t be very convenient when you’re doing your first dance or if you’re celebrating in a public garden. Talking to Peony House’s consultants who have expert knowledge in fashion would help you choose your dress silhouette. A quick guide for you to refer to is shown in the table below.

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