The ultimate wedding planning guide

Congratulations! So you have decided to get married and got your marriage license ready! Your married friends are listing an endless list of things you need to prepare and you have no idea where to start? Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how you can plan a wedding!

  • Set a wedding budget

It might be the best to first sit down with people who have previously planned their wedding or with service providers to work out what kind out budget you need to save up for your wedding. This step is crucial as no one would want to fall in love with a venue or bridal gown then realise it is out of your reach. The most convenient way is coming to one-stop shops like Peony House so consultants can work out your wedding plan and budget with you.

  • Get Inspired

The most exciting step is to gather ideas and inspiration for your wedding. Are you going for a luxurious and high-profile vibe? Or are you going for a rustic and vintage vibe? It’s a good idea to utilise artistic social media channels like Pinterest or Instagram to have a look at the latest trend and create a private mood board consisting of decoration style, wedding colours, invitation cards, wedding cakes and more.

  • Identify your guest list and talk to your venue

Before picking a venue to set your date, it is best to write down a guest list and estimate the size of the crowd. Simultaneously, select the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and those who will accompany you on your special day. When you have an estimated budget, headcounts, and several potential dates in mind, you are ready to start searching for a venue. For further help with finding the most suitable venue, Peony House is in collaboration with most receptions around Melbourne and you can possibly work out a discount when you come to us.

  • Finalise the guest list and start sending save the dates

When the date has set in place, it’s time to finalize the guestlist considering the venue's capacity and who you would like to invite. Make sure save-the-dates are sent as early as possible so that your friends and family can plan accordingly. These should be sent away at least 8 - 12 months in advance for distant weddings, and at least 4 months for local ones.

  • Time to find your perfect wedding dress!

On average, a bride-to-be would start her search for the wedding dress at least 9 to 12 months prior to the wedding date. Designer gowns typically take around at least 6 months for craftsmanship, delivery and further alterations if you wish to customize to size. Don’t feel distressed if you’re currently in a hurry. You can come to Peony House and talk to our consultant to work out an express order (that takes at least 2 months) or consider buying off-the-rack!

  • Don’t forget the photographer and event decorators!

You spent a huge amount on this special day and surely you would want to capture the most beautiful and holy moments of the day. Make sure you talk to your decorator and photographer so they can fully understand the idea and style you are going for! It’s financially wiser to spend a bit more into a professional photographer who is also planning your wedding rather than saving and spending less on someone whose photos are not usable. The best idea is coming to a one-stop shop like Peony House to synchronize your idea amongst different services to get the best result.

  • Buy your wedding bands

Make sure you start your search and purchase your wedding bands a few months prior to your wedding day. It’s recommended that you pick a wedding band that is comfortable and matches your engagement ring as you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

  • Confirm to your vendors and Get Married!

During the days leading up to your wedding day, make sure you confirm your wedding details with all the vendors relating to your wedding as they have got all the information and payment they need. Wedding planners from one-stop shops are super helpful regarding checking in with all vendors and getting everything in the checklist done so you can enjoy your big day!

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